6 Seriously Cool Windows 10 Tips & Tricks for Your Computer

With the 10 Anniversary update of Windows 10 out in the market, millions of people are using it on a daily basis and are enjoying the awesome new features and cool upgrades that are a part of the new OS.


Many computer geeks are ga-ga over the new operating system from Microsoft as it is said to combine the best features of Windows 8 – the amazingly fast startup, better security etc. – with all the comfortable functions of Windows 7, without having you learn new UI gestures – hidden or otherwise.


While many cool features help in streamlining all the computing tasks you may have, the latest Windows OS has some features that are not exactly forthcoming or easy to access or comprehend. That is why we have charted out a list of some pretty neat Windows 10 tips and tricks to help you tweak your Windows installation and functionality to suit your style and needs.



Read on!


  1. Go for the Custom Install option during the installation of the new Windows OS.


When you’re in the process of setting up the Windows 10 upgrade on your new computer, do ensure to opt for the Custom install selection instead of the Express install one that is selected by default, to enjoy and modify all the cool new features according to your choice.


  1. Make more space by removing old files after the installation of Windows 10.


This is a sneaky way of making more space in your PC as nobody usually thinks of getting rid of old files once you upgrade to a new OS.

Since you probably won’t be going back to the older version of Windows, eradicate all your old and unused files and folders by going to the ‘Control Panel’ followed by the ‘System and Security’ and then click at ‘Administrative Tools’ to finally land at the ‘Disk Cleanup’ to check the ‘Previous Windows installations’ option on the list that is displayed in front of you.


  1. Do you know how to sign out of windows?


If you click on the Power menu icon, you’d only see the options of Shutdown and Restart. To sign into your account as a different user you need to click on the Start menu and then click on your name which is found at the top. Here you’ll find the menu which has the Sign Out option.


  1. A secret right-clicks option.


There are quite a few secret right-click options that end with file paths and even open up locations to new folders.

Hold down the Shift key when you are right-clicking on a file or a folder on your computer as this will add in a huge number of new folder locations to your basic ‘Send-to-menu’.


  1. Start shopping with Windows Edge


Once you have the Windows 10 Anniversary update installed on your PC, you may want to make the super-fast Microsoft Edge as your favorite browser – specially for shopping.

Here’s why – when you shop at a giant online store like Target or BestBuy, Cortana – Microsoft’s helpful digital assistant, will bring up cool discount coupons for you.

There are also many interesting extensions you can explore and add to Edge.



  1. Did you ask for a Dark theme?


Because your wish has been fulfilled in the form of a super cool dark theme which was one of the most requested features by Microsoft users from the Windows 10 OS.

Go to Settings > then head over to Personalization > and finally choose the black theme from the Colors options available to you.






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