2016’s Most Popular App Store Apps

Apple’s App Store is a vast playground with millions of apps, so there are plenty of options for the loyal iPhone user whether, gaming, productivity, social, or otherwise.   In early December Apple published its annual Top 10 free and paid apps that were the most popular, showcasing editorial selections, top-selling and its most downloaded […]

What is a Virtual Tape Library?

What is a Virtual Tape Library?   A VTL is also called a virtual tape library and this is an information storage virtualization technology used for recovery purposes and backups. A VTL provides a storage component like a hard disk as tape libraries and drives for using with existing software for backups. By backing up […]

Recover the lost data

                In this generation, computers are the ultimate source to save the data or anything.  People in this decade are not willing to keep the bundles of papers and records to save the data. It requires more space. The major problem in keeping the data’s in paper is, you cannot find them in the time […]


The world is getting developed day by day by its stunning technologies and the new innovation and one need to make the best usage of the technologies and the opportunities to make our standard of living too be better and best. The computer helps the people to get the updates about the day today happening […]