What is a Virtual Tape Library?

What is a Virtual Tape Library?


A VTL is also called a virtual tape library and this is an information storage virtualization technology used for recovery purposes and backups. A VTL provides a storage component like a hard disk as tape libraries and drives for using with existing software for backups. By backing up information to disks instead of backup tapes. Virtual tape libraries often increases performance of both recovery operations and backups. A VTL is very speedy and the disk storage within is not designed to be removable. Virtual tape libraries have a history that dates back to 1997.


Replace the whole infrastructure of tape backup

The zetta-bytes of information that are amassing in the digital universe over the next few years will require storage tape. Once information was copied to the virtual tape library disk, the cached info would then be written to the system tape where it could be used to make local and off-site copies of backup data. VTL provides much flexibility so the client has two choices that range from a hardware appliance or a software version. VTL can take the place of the whole backup tape infrastructure and allow it to eliminate of all the expensive and bulky equipment.

VTL Takes Seconds

VTL speeds up backup by using hard disks that are fast to reduce slower tapes. It uses a multi-tiered RAM and cachaed flash and info de-duplication for exceptional performance. A well engineered virtual tape linrary does not format the disk drives with a file system, thereby eliminating the need for virus scanning and de-fragmenting overhead, increasing your reading or writing performance. As your info grows, so does the window for backup. What takes seconds and minutes with a VTL can take many hours with a physical library tape.


Solution for Data Centers

A virtual tape library is analogous to a physical library tape available on-premises with robotic arms and drives, including the collection of tapes virtually stored within the library. A virtual tape library media changer is analogous to a robot that moves tapes around in a physical library’s tape storage slots and drives. VTL has been widely recognized as an ideal solution for backup in information centers and is used by an increasing number of operators.

Bot all VTLs are fit for operators informational centers. The virtual tape library must be capable of providing high performance, and reliability in addition to value-added functions because data centers may consist of thousands of servers, backing up some 100 TB info and requiring a whole complex and a difficult process of backup.


VTL Solutions

You can select a company online to offer you virtual tape library services. You will be offered technical support, affordable pricing, guarantees and more. These companies offer new solutions to help you improve your performance in backups. Another solution is management of backup. Another solution is supporting deleting duplicate info and massive array of idle disks. This in turn will help reduce the disk space required, investment, and energy consumption saving quite a bit of money. Virtual tape libraries are being used by companies around the world now. If you are a business owner, you should try VTL too.



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